CEPEX Tunis, Tunisia - May 04 to 05, 2023

Welcome to Fintech Conference Tunisia with Amnick

We are living in difficult times. With energy costs risings, soaring inflation, challenges to the environment, growing demands on cities public services.

In the global economy, cities who are prospering are the ones who are benefiting from investment, technologies and developing smarter cities for their residents. Through these channels, the quality of life for all citizens improves.

Every modern forward-facing city needs to have a strong Fintech sector at the heart of its operations. Through these greater benefits can be realized quicker, including payments, security, efficiencies, and better management of Environment, Data and Smarter Cities.
Amnick through its International Collaboration Team (made up of city leaders, mayors, tech companies, universities and businesses globally) is well placed to provide a one stop solutions in this space. Through our team, we cover :

  • Digital Transformation, Banking, Insurance, Finance
  • Future payments
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Management
  • Technologies (AI, IoT, Digital, Automation)
  • Smart Cities
  • Innovation

Amnick is pleased to bring an amazing range of guest speakers for this event from US, UK and Europe – to help fast track Tunisia onto the international platform.

At this event we will have:

  • Keynote speakers
  • Workshops
  • Round Table discussions
  • Networking opportunities
  • Coaching sessions
  • Training

The event will benefit a variety of audiences, from Fintech focussed, Govt’s, Municipal Authorities, Mayors, Tech companies, SME’s, Universities, and Business’s.

At the end of Day 1 and Day 2, you can also meet the speakers and special tables. Where you can receive more information, free training/coaching.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the event.


M. John David

M. John David

Fintech International Conference
Abdallah Mkades

M. Abdallah Mkades

Event Director
Mourad BouzidI

M. Mourad BouzidI

Event Manager
AMNICK Tunisia
Hatem Essafi

M. Hatem Essafi

Organizing Member
Aysha Debbish

Mm. Aysha Debbish

Organizing Member
Nadhem Ben Jmeaa

M. Nadhem Ben Jmeaa

Organizing Member

Fintech international CONFERENCE by Amnick is an international collaboration event that will be hosted by word leading professionals.

This summit aims to provide key insights as it pertains to the world of financial technology, this includes innovation for banks, investment management as well as insurance companies. A range of topics that cover the key drivers to be implemented in the near future within the Tunisian financial sector will be discussed.


May 04 to 05, 2023

CEPEX Tunis, Tunisie

Our Speakers

Our Packs


800 DT / 250
  • Participation to the 2 days of the summit
  • 4 coffee breaks
  • 2 lunch


600 DT / 200
  • Participation to the 2 days of the summit
  • 4 coffee breaks
  • -------


400 DT / 150
  • Participation to 1 day of the summit
  • 2 coffee breaks
  • -------